I know that being a college athlete is not always an easy thing.

As a member of my University football team, I am often caught between many hours of practice every day, in addition to hours of courses and work.

Sometimes, it just takes too much and fatigue quickly becomes a constant in our daily life.

So, I became a true fan of Formula MAX. Once the university season starts, I take this formula every day.

Not only does it give me energy, but it also fills the gaps I may have my typical student diet.

I really see a difference when I take it, as well as when I forget to take it. I have a lot more vigor and my fatigue is well-managed and with no further accumulation.

I recommend this formula for all athletes , and to all of those who are a little too involved in their every day life and are exhausted by their lifestyle!


During his first year of life, my son had about 15 ear infections requiring a visit to the doctor every time. Realizing the frequency of the problem, the doctor recommended the installation of permanent ear tubes, in addition to removing adenoids and tonsils, as a precaution.
As I did not like the idea of my 16 months old son on an operating table, I decided to investigate other alternatives.
A naturopathic doctor advised me to give my son LC-W, in addition to its application around the ears, neck and throat every day.
5 months later, during a follow-up with the doctor, the situation was not only resolved, but the doctor confessed that he had rarely seen a 2 year old having ear canals as healthy.
Thank you for your great products!


I suffered from varicose veins problems most of my life. I even had surgery to have them removed, but they always came back. The pain was so intense in addition to swollen and blue legs.
My naturopath suggested the I VVH-W product applied externally and internally. Surprisingly, a week later, my legs were less swollen and less painful. Gradually, my varicose veins have subsided and my legs have returned to their normal color. Today I am so proud of my legs and I feel much better.
Thank you, your products are truly miraculous!

East Angus

Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! ... I cannot say often enough thank you to the person who introduced me to the combination ST.-W and I really like sharing my experience.
I suffered from stomach problems for many years without ever even being able to determinate the cause or the cure to get rid of them. I consulted the doctor who made me try all the drugs on the market, but none of them could relieve my symptoms. He even prescribed me antibiotics, but without success.
In desperation, I decided to turn to natural products and I talked to a friend who distributes your products. She told me that the combination ST.-W could fix just about any stomach problem, even ulcers. And I can assure you that this is true, because since then, I have no more pain, I eat what I want and digest everything. No more pain!
Thank you again!!


I fell from a ladder and crushed my heel. My doctor sent me in for an x-ray and then told me that my heel was broken in several pieces. He scheduled an appointment for a CT scan and then, an operation for a few days later.
A friend of mine who I told my story to advised me to apply 2 tsp. of Formula # 11, 4 to 6 times per day on my heel.
On Sunday, waiting to be prepared for surgery, my doctor came to me and told me that I would not have to be requiring an operation anymore. He said: "You heal very well for a man of 50 years, I've never seen anything like this before and I cannot understand how all these crushed bones have healed as well as they did. "
I am really grateful to your Formula # 11, which gave me a wonderful recovery!
I thank your company for these natural products that make perfect little miracles.

St. Cyril-de-Wendover

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