I find that I get way less sick than before

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You know, every winter you get sick several times and blame yourself for not having sufficiently appreciated the days when you were feeling good. I’m like that too.

The winter of 2009, during the crisis of H1N1, some or my entourage contracted the flu. Since I had not been vaccinated, I was very afraid to catch it, and risk who knows what!

A friend told me about Herbes Pures products. I bought several bottles of IM.S.-W combination for everybody and not only did I not catch the flu, but my relatives who caught it came out of it incredibly quickly without major damage!

Now, on every day of the winter season, I take my dose of IM.S.-W and I find that I get way less sick than before . Last winter, I went out without a single cold!

I fell in love with this product!

A. Loiselle juillet 21, 2017

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