Herbes Pures offers the advice of a trained and knowledgeable naturopath team. Share your questions or health concerns with us and we will contact you to share our valuable insight.

Cindy Daigle
General Director and naturopath

Specialized in child health Naturopath, Cindy has been the general director of the company since 2010. Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, a forward-thinking woman who made her mark on the industry, Cindy shares the same passion and desire to help people, by sharing knowledge she gained since a very young age.

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Rachel Duhaime

Specialized in herbal medicine Naturopath, Rachel has worked with the company since 1998. Her primary function is to serve clients by providing them with valuable tips and information in both French and English. She is also involved in the preparation of advertising, which is distributed to members and other distributors monthly.

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