Manage the stress of the holiday season.

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Often, the period before Christmas gives rise to rather destructive “outbreaks of stress”.  People want everything to be perfect in fear of disappointing friends or family. Whether it is gifts, food or clothing, it is often a race against time that may cause extreme exhaustion for some people.
In the days leading up to Christmas, shopping center parking lots are crowded and everyone is in a rush. It is very easy to find ourselves with long shopping and to do lists with very little time to complete them. All that stress can have devastating effects on our health. Also, be aware that taking care of the nervous system throughout the year, allows our body to react better during stressful periods. Stress is responsible for a host of ailments and illnesses and people are often wrongly medicated. In fact, stress has harmful effects on all systems of the body.
To avoid suffering the consequences of stress, we recommend the following plants: Skullcap is a plant called Tonic CNS (central nervous system). It nourishes the nervous system and thus will help you get through this period without much hassle. Blue Verbena is a plant of choice for this time of year because it acts on the nervous system fatigue. (Calms tensions and restores vigor to a breathless body)
We also have several combinations that contain many of the most effective herbs for the nervous system: NW (insomnia), DAN-C (depression), BN.CW (brain and concentration), BW (vit b) and many others.

Cardiovascular system:  Under the effect of adrenaline, the heart is ordered to contract more rapidly. This reaction is intended to send more blood to the muscles in order to ensure a more adequate response. The heart is working more as a result of stress which may cause irregular heartbeat or racing. Angina is also a danger, as well as high blood pressure. In severe cases of anxiety, there is often the risk of heart attack. As a reaction to stress blood pressure increases to activate blood circulation and provide more oxygen to the muscles. Cortisol is also produced to increase blood sugar which in effect may cause hardening of the arteries.  Blood vessels may also be damaged as they contract in order to reduce bleeding which may result from an injury. As vessels contract the skin is mal-nourished causing problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and others. Furthermore, under the effect of stress, the body releases more fat into the blood stream to provide more energy. This fat can be deposited into the blood vessels and reduce their size. The body also produces more coagulants to prepare and respond to sites where an injury might occur. These coagulants thicken the blood and increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

LUNGS: Breathing rates increase as a result of stress in order to provide oxygen to the muscles in action. For people who have chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, it can become difficult to breathe normally. One may also experience hyperventilation and dizziness problems.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Under the effects of stress, digestion slows or even stops. People who are frequently stressed cannot digest normally, which can lead to problems with nutrition. Stress can also cause constipation or diarrhea.

KIDNEYS: The effectiveness of the kidneys are reduced by the effect of stress because they receive less blood. The body favors certain organs during stress to the detriment of others. In effect the disposal of waste from the body is less efficient and therefore the risk of intoxication is accentuated.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Stress can weaken the immune system due to the activation of adrenocortical hormones, because the body is not able to devote all the necessary energy. It becomes more susceptible to colds, flu and all infectious diseases. Viral conditions such as herpes can also occur more frequently. Moreover, allergic reactions can also be triggered. It was found that patients with low levels of stress suppressed four times more viruses than others.

REPRODUCTIVE: Stress can suppress the production of sex hormones and thus lower the libido. It may also aggravate markedly symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome and menopause. Thus, mood swings and hot flashes can be much more frequent and more pronounced. Stress can also cause irregular menstruation. In humans, stress impairs erections and reduces the number of sperm produced.

LIVER: Fat reserves are mobilized and the liver causes increased blood cholesterol levels. This excess cholesterol in turn may lead to obstruction of the arteries.

IMPAIRED MENTAL FUNCTIONS: Stress significantly reduces the effectiveness of mental faculties. Indeed, there is, among others, a net reduction in levels of concentration. In addition, the quality of intellectual work is greatly reduced. Stress also makes people more distracted and indecisive.

THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: Stress disrupts the proper functioning of the nervous system. It accentuates states of anxiety and depression, as well as panic attacks. The sleep disorder insomnia can also be aggravated by increasing nightmares. It causes headaches and impairs the ability to relax properly. Stress also causes muscle tension, especially in the area around the neck and trapezium and can lead to the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

So, give yourself a gift and try to stay relaxed this year …
Happy Holidays!

by Pure Herbs

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