With the increasing use of genetic engineering, GMOs and pesticides, it becomes more and more difficult to find nutritious, chemical free and non-synthetic healthy natural foods. For example the apples we eat today do not resemble the apples our great-grandparents ate! It therefore becomes crucial to overcome these deficiencies. Natural products are a good supplement to your diet that will help you avoid deficiencies and gaps. In addition, our extensive knowledge of natural products allows us to address specific problems with appropriate natural remedies.


Since the beginning of time, humans have used natural products and herbal medicine to treat or prevent health problems. Nevertheless, for several centuries synthetic and chemical drugs have gained popularity while the reputation of the herbal medicine has decreased. It is important however, that the role of herbal medicine is not overlooked because it is through the use of plant extracts that modern pharmacology was born. Over 7,000 chemicals found in modern pharmacopoeias are derived from plants. After years of trial and error, use and experimentation, we now know more than ever about the chemical and medicinal properties of plants. Why not take advantage of that knowledge to improve your well-being?


Our products are tailored to fit your individual needs. We have a range of simple herbs that can treat a specific problem, but we also offer a variety of plant combinations whose formulas are the result of experiments developed by Dr. Watkins and many other experts in herbal medicine.


Quick results


When a capsule or tablet is swallowed, it is necessary that our body digests the medicine fully to achieve maximum results. Since most people have digestive problems, the product is usually not digested properly and does not provide the expected benefits. However, when extracts can be placed on or under the tongue they move directly into the bloodstream where they leave the walls of the stomach in seconds.


The extracts can also be used for external application on the skin so that they remedy symptoms inside the body more quickly and effectively.


Whether through our food (dyes, preservatives, insecticides, pesticides, artificial flavors), or even the air we breathe, our system becomes intoxicated. This phenomenon produces different symptoms, such as headaches, poor digestion, sluggish liver, bowel problems, circulation problems and joints, etc.


Herbal extracts can help the entire body to detoxify (remove toxins) by cleaning the liver, blood and kidneys.


Our wide range of products (plant extracts) can help restore the proper functioning of your body and improve your health.


Our liquid herbal extracts are simple and easy to use via the process of absorption. The results are very fast, because the extracts are absorbed by the walls of the stomach and then move directly into the bloodstream. They may be eaten alone or mixed with water or some juice. When taken with hot water, they make excellent teas